Office to Officeless

Is it possible to transition from office to officeless? There’s only one thing you need.

When espousing the benefits of Distributed Teams, as I often do, I’m often told “but Luke, remote work wouldn’t succeed in my business”. And do you know what? You’re right.

Is it possible to transition from office to officeless? Not with that attitude.

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Mixing Remote and Local Teams

Integrating remote workers into a local team can be difficult, because they don’t share office (and post-office) interactions.

Having a mixed location workforce feels like a natural step when transitioning to a fully distributed business, yet this intermediate step can present its own unique challenges.

Integrating remote workers into a non-remote team can be difficult because they don’t share physical office interactions with the local team.

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Product Development Strategy

Great ideas happen. When working with a new product idea, this is the Product Development process I like to go through.

When great ideas happen, it’s important to be ready with a Product Development Strategy so that your idea can grow into a product.

Who doesn’t love a step-by-step guide? When I’m working through a new product idea for myself or a friend, this is the process I go through.

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Hypothesis Driven Development

Once you have a hypothesis, you have something to test and validate. Gather data, then conduct an experiment.

An important tool for every Ideas Person. Hypothesis Driven Development is the difference between wandering and way-finding.

Light bulb moments. They happen all the time. You stumble into a pain point or discover a problem and think “Somebody should solve that…”. Then you realise that you should solve it.

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