Category: Design

  • Phygital

    By day, my Product Design work is purely digital. I work in the limitless realm of Software. By night, I’ve been experimenting with Physical Product Design, modelling and 3D printing all sorts of useful widgets. The cross-over between Digital and Physical worlds is lots of fun. So when Lior, my 8 year old son, presented […]

  • Experience Design for the Blind

    When creating VR games and experiences, we should design them so that they can be used by the blind. VR for blind people may seem counterintuitive, but if you think it through it makes a lot of sense. The thought occurred to me after visiting the Notes on Blindness VR experience, followed by something Lucas […]

  • More Pixels: My First Computer

    I got my first computer in 1993. It was a Macintosh Color Classic. I’ve always owned a mac since then.

  • Pixel Art

    It’s very important to me to be a creator, not just a consumer. It’s very easy for me to consume, and consume, and never stop. It’s hard to let the inspiring inspire. Recently I came across a Kickstarter project for an 80’s arcade themed game 198X. This time, I couldn’t help but be inspired by […]