Category: Focus

  • Holding an image in your mind

    Begin practicing visualisation meditation Learn to focus on the patterns behind your eyes. Practice holding images there for longer periods. Meditations should last 20—30 minutes. Introduce mantra meditation to enhance the clarity of the images. Ribbono shel olam is a Jewish mantra suggested by Rabbi Nachman. Practice until images become spectacular and vivid. Begin conjuring images […]

  • States of Consciousness

    Meditative states are usually hard, often impossible, to describe. Language is created through shared experiences, and meditation is a purely internal experience, so it makes sense that we lack the vocabulary. Even so, it is possible to understand varying degrees of consciousness by starting with two very familiar states: Sleep and Awake. We can expand […]

  • Back to Bookmarks

    Here’s a productivity tip I’ve rediscovered, straight from 2003: Browser Bookmarks. Since I left social media, I found it hard to keep track of four things: News (from sources I care about) Blogs (written thoughtfully and regularly) Photos (from family and friends) Videos (information and entertainment from sources I trust) My first inclination was to […]

  • Something Daily

    Inspired by Seth Godin, I recently attempted a daily writing project. I committed to write one blog post every day, indefinitely. Here are my reflections. Writing takes time. Not the actual typing – that part is easy. But finding inspiration everyday is a serious commitment. It can take hours, and it can't be forced. Sometimes opening yourself up […]

  • Reflections

    Reflective Thinking is, essentially, Critical Thinking.