Category: Future

  • Facebook Free

    Google and Facebook are not good for the planet. It really is as simple as that. Climate Change and Surveillance Capitalism are the two most important issues of our time. The scariest part is that a single individual can’t really do much about it. That makes it hard to effect change. In the same way […]

  • Joining a video chat from VR

    My team at work has a weekly call, codenamed “Strategy Sync”, where we chit-chat and play a few rounds of Rocket League. This week, I joined the call from the metaverse via Bigscreen, which allowed me to beam my colleagues onto a giant screen in my virtual lounge room. The best part was, they could see me, […]

  • One of my concerns about Google AMP…

    We should be advocating for a diverse, heterogenous web with as much gusto as we have for site performance. The only problem is that Google’s business model works best when every website has a uniform structure.

  • Gutenberg

    The current WordPress editor is a little behind the time. It hasn’t really changed since 2009! Thankfully, the WordPress community is working on a complete reimagining of content publishing. The Gutenberg project leap-frogs competitors like Squarespace and Medium, giving WordPress users the tools to create vibrant, modern, and engaging content experiences. I believe Gutenberg has […]

  • AirPods are Normal

    On this day, AirPods stopped standing out to me as ugly white ear appendages. Today, I saw a man walking with a suit, briefcase, and wired headphones, and the wires hanging from his ears struck me as odd.  Shortly after, I boarded a train in Sydney, where AirPod density was noticeably high.  I love my […]