Category: VR

  • (Virtual) Hallway Track

    One of the many takeaways I got from Matt Mullenweg’s Distributed podcast (a show about the future of work) was the importance of high fidelity communication. Matt talks about the huge difference between written communication and voice chat. There’s another jump up from audio-only to video. Each step up in fidelity creates more bandwidth for […]

  • Joining a video chat from VR

    My team at work has a weekly call, codenamed “Strategy Sync”, where we chit-chat and play a few rounds of Rocket League. This week, I joined the call from the metaverse via Bigscreen, which allowed me to beam my colleagues onto a giant screen in my virtual lounge room. The best part was, they could see me, […]

  • Experience Design for the Blind

    When creating VR games and experiences, we should design them so that they can be used by the blind. VR for blind people may seem counterintuitive, but if you think it through it makes a lot of sense. The thought occurred to me after visiting the Notes on Blindness VR experience, followed by something Lucas […]

  • Planet Defence

    Arrow keys to move the turret, space to shoot. Save the planet (it’s behind you). Debrief This project turned out to be much harder than I anticipated! One of the first issues I ran into was rotating the turret. Because of the shape of the model, the rotation point was totally off, and there’s not […]

  • Drone Attack

    WASD to move around. Look at the drone to fire your laser at them. Debrief This was a fun first project! I ran into some interesting problems along the way, but mostly things went pretty smoothly. A lot of the fun for me on this project has been playing with lights and sound. When the […]