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  • What the FLoC?

    The WordPress community has been discussing a proposal to force disable FLoC on all websites. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it will lead anywhere. Unlike the WordPress leadership, the EFF have strongly rejected FLoC due its privacy risks, and individualised profiling. The Brave browsers position is that FLoC “materially harms user privacy”, and the Vivaldi […]

  • (Virtual) Hallway Track

    One of the many takeaways I got from Matt Mullenweg’s Distributed podcast (a show about the future of work) was the importance of high fidelity communication. Matt talks about the huge difference between written communication and voice chat. There’s another jump up from audio-only to video. Each step up in fidelity creates more bandwidth for […]

  • GoDaddy’s Market Mistake

    I know, I know. GoDaddy are one of the biggest, most successful web hosts in the history of web hosts. What makes Luke more of an expert than the brightest minds in WordPress? Well, nothing really. But after talking strategy with friends at GoDaddy (some of their top WordPress people), I can’t shake the feeling […]

  • Block-Business

    This post is a response to a question recently asked by WP Tavern: Can the Block Directory and Business Interests Coexist? When you stop to think about it, the WordPress Plugin and Theme ecosystem is a shining example of the Free & Open Source Software ideology working sustainably. Take a completely open source project, and […]

  • An Ecosystem Play

    The most common question I hear from agencies and freelancers is “where do I start”? They’re ready to dive-in and build Gutenberg-first themes, but there’s no clear starter theme to get them going. What does a Gutenberg-first theme even look like? Getting Started Once upon a time, we could use starter themes like Underscores to […]