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  • 🧂

    Reflecting on the topics I’ve covered on this blog recently, I can’t help but notice that my tone has been pretty salty lately. Despite receiving a ton of positive feedback on my writing (thank you!), I’m personally disappointed that I’ve not been more constructive. In a recent Twitter thread with Birgit Pauli-Haack (whom I really […]

  • Block Based Themes

    Who decides the future of themes in WordPress? I remember back when Gutenberg was still in beta, we were talking a lot about what the block editor would mean for the future of WordPress. Would blocks be distributed in themes, or in plugins? What would Gutenberg look like if it were combined with the Customiser? […]

  • WP Notify

    I just learned about a proposal from Jonathan Bossenger to implement better notifications in WordPress. You can read up on it for yourself, but I thought it would be helpful (for myself as much as anyone) to add some context, and explain why it’s so important. Make WordPress Feature Proposal WP Notify Requirements Documentation What […]

  • Advertising in the WordPress Admin

    Yoast’s Black Friday Fumble It’s Thursday afternoon. I’m having a quiet beer with Rob (cofounder of Block Lab) and Michael (founder of Visser Labs). We’re chatting about our WordPress plugins. Michael: Are you doing anything for Black Friday? Rob: Yeah, we’re running a sale. 25% off. You? Michael: Yeah, I’ve got a discount too. But […]

  • Hindsight is Twenty Twenty

    WordPress 5.3 “Kirk” is out! It’s the third major WordPress release this year – and it includes some interesting changes. Let’s dive in. Gutenberg Despite early reluctance to the new editor, it really seems as though the WordPress community is warming up to it. This release in particular makes some changes to Gutenberg that enable some […]