Category: Work

  • Block Lab!

    I’m super excited to announce the launch of a project I’ve been working on for a while now… This has been a labour of love since July. I first had the idea during WordCamp Sydney – I was taking questions after my talk on Gutenberg, and somebody asked whether there was an easy way to […]

  • Joining a video chat from VR

    My team at work has a weekly call, codenamed “Strategy Sync”, where we chit-chat and play a few rounds of Rocket League. This week, I joined the call from the metaverse via Bigscreen, which allowed me to beam my colleagues onto a giant screen in my virtual lounge room. The best part was, they could see me, […]

  • Making Code Quality Accessible

    I recently did an interview with Alyssa Cuda on the WP Engine Blog about Tide, and the future of WordPress coding standards. We believe that if Tide can encourage and guide WordPress Developers to write better code, every WordPress site (and by extension, the entire web) will be better. That’s how Tide got its name: […]

  • How I Internet

    As an advocate for open source, the open web, and privacy, my choice of browser is a critical part of my work. Some thoughts: Firefox The only true open source browser. If I have a problem, I can file a bug on Bugzilla, and submit a patch to fix it. More importantly, if I’m ever […]

  • Something Daily

    Inspired by Seth Godin, I recently attempted a daily writing project. I committed to write one blog post every day, indefinitely. Here are my reflections. Writing takes time. Not the actual typing – that part is easy. But finding inspiration everyday is a serious commitment. It can take hours, and it can't be forced. Sometimes opening yourself up […]